• Modeling Basics, building Part 1
  • Modeling Basics, building Part 2
  • Modeling Basics, building Part 3
  • Make your UVs
  • Render to texture
  • Make COLs
  • Make TXDs
  • IDE/IPL Definitions, LOD
  • Basic prelighting
  • Radiosity
  • 2DFX
  • Particles
  • Reflections maps
  • Realtime Reflection
  • MAP I/O Batch import/Export
  • Make paths
  • Firefox 2

    First step into modding Guide : Tutorials

    Welcome to the tutorial pages I think I'd write someday, to help people getting things in game, whitout problems and smoothly. In the following pages I'll explain most of my techniques and the tips necessary to go trhough the art of GTA modding. Like everything new to you, don't expect it to work from the first time, even I'd like to, and if it does, you're a good pupil. I will start in order to introduce to you most of the things you need to know step by step, from the settings of 3Dsmax to the game developement. Here are the first steps to prepare yourself and your hard drive :

    The first thing you need to start with Grand Theft Auto modding and along that long list of tutorials is that bunch of tools :

    You will also be asked to copy the folder of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, in order to have a clean back up one. Just copy and paste the folder containing the game into another one. We will work on the new one.

    If you don't have the correct executable, please get a hand on version 1.0, otherwise you will crash your game when coming to in game developement steps.

    Make sure you have a version 1.0 of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. If it is not the case, you will see a version number at the menu when playing. You can also right click your executable file gtasa.exe and look for the properties of the file, where its version is prompted.

    Modeling Basics, building
    PART 1 : 3Dsmax, Primitives, Editable Poly