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    Modeling Basics, building : PART 3

    1.3 A small building modeling !


    Modeling a house is not far away from modeling a box. In fact, that's a box we start with, in which we add all the necessary details to make it look like it is a building from real life. The more details you model, the better your house will look. But keep in mind two things : it'll be longer to texture, and it goes against the limitations of videogame's rules.

    When modeling a building, you can go far into details, but always try to limit yourself to 6.000 to 10.000 polygons, depending of the size of the building. Also watch out your collision file's polycount.

    Create a new scene, Start the house by creating a box again, which will have those parameters :



    > Next go into the MODIFIER panel and browse the modifiers for 'Edit Poly' one.

    > Go to the Edge mode, select the four corners edges, and click 'Connect'.







    > Type the following setting into the connect window, we're going to create a new segment into our building. It'll be the first floor segment.

    > Now we're going to repeat the same step for the roof. Select the four edges up to the new segment like this :
    > Click Connect and ollow those settings :

    You should get that result now :
    > Now that we have a bottom and an upper segment ready, we will do some more Connects for the windows.

    > Select the same Edges as me on the right picture, and click connect. That'll divide the front of our building into multiple polygons vertically.

    > Click Connect and follow my settings, we will add 3 segments now :


    You should get that result :


    To create our windows we still need more resolution, We're going to connect our front house one last time for the moment :

    > Select the Edges that freshly got connected, plus the two corners edges :
    > Click connect and follow my settings, now that we have vertical lines separating our windows slot, we also need to have floors lines. Let's say our building will have 4 floors.

    You should get that result :
    > Now go to the Polygon mode, and select all the following faces :

    We're going to draw our windows precisely using bevel.
    > Bevel them with those settings first, and click Apply to keep the window :

    > Next fill with those setting to continue the extrusion :

    Now that our windows are correct, we're going to extrude the roof :

    > Select the following face :

    > Extrude it by 1.0 unit.


    > Then go to the edge mode, select the two new edges, and chamfer them at 0.25 :

    Now our roof is a bit too much rounded. We need to make unique by removing some of the repeated segments.

    Go to the Vertex mode.

    > Select one of the lower vertex
    like right picture :

    > Next click 'Target Weld'. That function gives you the ability to weld a vertex to another, without moving your mesh around. How does it works ?

    > First : click on the vertex you wanna merge to another. You can also hold your click.
    > Second : click the other vertex, or release the click on it. Magic !

    Now do it for the rest of the vertex under the roof until you get that result :

    Now go back to Polygon mode, and finish the roof, we're going to bevel it a bit, to make it possible to walk on by our player.

    > Select the roof's main polygon and bevel it two times :

    > Then chamfer the inner edges of the roof by 0.2 units, and you're done ! Now you have in front of you a small low poly building. Not alot of style to it, but it'll serve us right for the next tutorials.


    Make your UVs
    Material Editor, Mapping